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If you have a success story or testimonial about your visit with our office, we would love to hear from you! For privacy, we will only show your quote and your first name and last initial on the website.

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“I am truly thankful for the excellent physical therapy staff at the National Avenue location. I was always greeted with smiles and words of encouragement from everyone. Their questions helped them provide the best treatment I needed at each visit. They guided me through the exercises I needed to do at home. The treatments and exercises helped to strength and give proper support to my neck and lower back. I highly recommend this great team for any physical therapy you made need.”

Nancy W.

“Each visit was very educational and friendly.The staff at the national ave. Physical therapy unit made recovery comfortable, and fun, at the same time! I will miss all u guys. Thank you very much for helping me on the track to getting better.”

andrew n.

“I have been a patient at the Brookfield office for 5 years and I feel like I'm part of a family. Everyone is caring and kind,I have never felt uncomfortable there. I am not a typical patient in which my case has been very difficult. Dr. Larson is the best and I have high regards for him. He has helped me through some very hard times. I have a lot of faith in him and all the staff. Keep up the great work.”

Renee W.

“Thank you to all the wonderful staff at Aspen Orthopedics. A special thank you and gratitude goes to Dr. Jeff Larson for the job he did revising my left hip on October 28th. I only wish I had found him first! Will recommend him to everyone I meet. Thank you for giving me my life back.”

Vernon S.

“I consider myself lucky to have been referred to Dr. Amiot and his staff. I couldn’t imagine a better team to handle my Achilles tendon surgery and recovery. The physical therapy staff at the New Berlin Office was outstanding. They took care of me and kept me motivated. It was like I was spending time with friends and recovering at the same time. I will be heading to Myrtle Beach in 9 days and I thank all the wonderful people at Aspen Orthopedics who helped get me back on the golf course.”

Kevin B.

“I love the physical therapy group. They get to know you on a personal basis which helps with the healing. They turn all the hard work that is required into fun. I truly appreciate everything they do to help me get well again.”

Angie C.

“I have been a patient at the National Ave location. Both the Doctors I have seen and the PT dept have been excellent in the care they give me. PT has done a great job of helping me recover from my injuries. I would highly recommend that if you have an injury and need PT or to see a doctor to give them a try.”

Jackie K.

“I recently had a total knee replacement with Dr. Larson and what a pleasure it was! From the time of my first appointment, throughout the 2nd post op visit, things went well, and what a joy to deal with staff that are caring and friendly! I would not hesitate to recommend this office to family and friends for care! Never once did I feel as though I had to rush to leave the office, questions were always answered, and such a compassionate physician! Thanks, Dr. Larson”

Dottie E.

“Aspen, You truly put together an exceptional staff at your National Ave. location. I have just completed my therapy for an ankle injury. Your staff made my boring therapy very pleasant and even entertaining. Each one of them you should be very pleased with. That's not all each person I came in contact with was great, from the reception center, nurses even the scheduler (she's really ,so neat). Bravo Aspen in a day and age when people are so rude and uncaring ,you stand out! Job well done!”

Susan G.

“The people in therapy were excellent in all aspects of rehab for me. They were professional and knowledgeble and lovingly kind. A special thanks to R.J.,Milan, Danra, two therapists, and Dr. Kehoe.It was like being treated from family with extra tenderness. These employees are a tribute to the medical field.”

Don W.

“I can't say enough about Dr. Maciolek. He completed anterior-posterior lumbar fusion on my lower back, and my life has completely changed! I am pain free and back to 100% activity levels. Dr. Maciolek was professional and gave me clear reasons why that particular surgery was my best option. He didn't promise I'd be pain free, but I absolutely am! I'm so glad that I trusted his expertise! My whole family is grateful for his skill and confidence.”

Heather S.

“I just want to thank the whole staff, you people were excellent. Made me feel very comfortable. You are all very nice. But strong and you really did a great job making my foot turn out strong, it is heeling nicely. Thanks again. I would recommend your staff to anyone.”

rick r.

“The PT staff at Aspen Orthopedics at 12555 W. National was great, professional, knowledgeable, fun, and very effective. Thanks so much.”

Adam F.

“The physical therapy staff at the New Berlin office was a pleasure to work with! So much fun, very thorough and very caring. I would highly recommend them!!”

Terry C.

“I received excellent treatment in physical therapy. The staff was very knowledgeable and friendly. They were always prompt and had a genuine concern for my situation; my health has improved significantly. Thank You!”

Cary M.

“I am so thankful for Dr. Printz and his staff. They have taken such good care of me, so professional, kind and understanding. Thank you for being the best doctor I have ever seen.”

Erika O.

“Well I just finished my PT on 6-23 and must say you guys and gals ROCK I had a great time even though I can be a pain you all got my Achilles tendon working great and strong.You people sure know your stuff it was a long battle but with all your knowledge and my hard work we did it thanks to everyone my time with you all was a great experience.”

Rick K.

“I want to draw your attention to one of your staff that made my MRI experience marvelous. Denise Purgill was my technician and her thoroughness and organization made my 4th MRI the best ever. My other MRI were at various facilities, none of which were Aspen. I came out of that experience with a warm comfortable feeling. The ability to listen to music of my choice was one of the factors that led me to feel relaxed. She communicated with me throughout the whole time which added to my comfort”

Georgegtte G.

“i have been to Aspen in New Berlin several times now. Everyone I have met there for all of my visits have been very professional, pleasant, and thorough. I had my first MRI and have to say was quite apprehensive. The technician, Denise was awesome. She was quite thorough and kind to me. She explained everything to me and ended up just as she said. I can't say enough about her. Thank you all very much.”

Cindy S.

“Thanks to Dr. Jeffrey Larson for "cleaning up" my left knee. Not only is he a gentleman, but a fine surgeon. I don't know what I would have done if my therapist hadn't recommended him. Karen C.”

Karen C.

“I've really enjoyed the visits to the Brookfield location, working with Frank and Scott. Besides the challenging and rewarding workouts, which I've committed to use for the rest of my life, I enjoyed the experience they provided. They are impressive, working with several folks at a time. They make it feel like a community...very interested in each person and their unique life situation. Also, learning the reasons for each regimen really helps my commitment to healing! Thank you, Frank and Scott!”

Linda G.

“I have been a patient for a number of years and had multiple injuries and the last 2 years have been very hard but with the help of the staff and especially the physical therapy department I have regained my mobility in my ankle and I am able to run on it as well. The physical therapy department and it's staff made me feel very welcome and helped me to be able regain my life and I am very grateful to them all!!!!”

Rachel R.

“I can say nothing but great things about the P.T. dept on National Ave. From the time I walked into Therapy until the time I finished my therapy, the staff was friendly, professional and very caring about me. They encouraged me to work hard and it paid off. I had several different therapist and each one gave me different exercises which helped me heal faster. Thanks to all the therapists at National Avenue.”

Marge G.

“I had tennis elbow surgery the end of April and I must say that Dr. Printz and his assistant were amazing! Any questions I had were quickly answered. Even when I went in for the first time after being referred to Aspen everyone was so kind and understanding. I will recommend you to everyone I know.”

Katie W.

“While my doctor - Dr Wood - did a fantastic job on the hip surgery - the Physical Therapy staff really got me moving and feeling like a new person again! When I came in - noone could touch my leg due to bursitis and muscle tightness. The PT staff worked me just hard enough to make it right again! They always asked about my pain level so they would know how to manage my session! Thanks!”

Debbie K.

“I have Dr. Amiot who has been excellent in my care. I am now in PT as Aspen and am completely happy with the services and all the personnel. I doubt I would have regained the sensation in my foot & strength that I have thus far. A Giant Thank You to all!!”

Lynne R.

“I have Dr. Amiot who has been excellent in my care. I am now in PT at Aspen and am completely happy with the services and all the personnel. I doubt I would have regained the sensation in my foot & strength that I have thus far. A giant Thank You to all!!”

Lynne R.

“After my surgery I wasn't in a big hurry to start my physical therapy. But after the first couple weeks, I actually looked forward to it. The group at the National Ave. clinic are fabulous!!! R.J. Milan and Alexandra ( hopefully spelled correct ) made my visits enjoyable. I will definitely miss them :) Thank you for getting me back to feeling better!!!”

Tracy D.

“Dr. Amiot was referred by a friend of mine who is a nurse in Mukwonago. I have been looking for a knowledgeable, thorough and contemplative foot specialist for over a year. Many surgeons want to start the conversation with surgical options immediately. Dr. Amiot took the time to understand my desire to exhaust all non-surgical options first. I am now pain free for the first time in 3 years with no surgery! Thank you Dr. Amiot!”

Dan P.

“I was scheduled to have a hip replaced by the posterior method. Then I learned that Dr.s Wood & Larson offered the anterior method. Dr. Wood explained the difference, not only in the incision location, but in the expected outcome. I left the hospital after a two night stay. I was able to do all the physical and occupational tasks asked of me. I did not need physical therapy in my home or in an outpatient setting. After six weeks I flew to California. I highly recommend Dr.s Wood and Larson.”

Joseph H.

“My visit at WestWood was very comforting. The staf was very caring, with emphasis on lots of smiles. Thank you to Dr. Kehoe and his support staff. They rock!!!”

Pete W.

“I had therapy for rotater cup.The whole experience was most enjoy for me. The entire staff at the New Berlin was so good at what they do. I have to thank R.J.for her special massages. If I have to go again for therapy I hope it's there.”

Kathleen C.

“I had therapy for rotater cup.The whole experience was most enjoy for me. The entire staff at the New Berlin was so good at what they do. I have to thank R.J.for her special massages. If I have to go again for therapy I hope it's there.”

Kathleen C.

“I've been impressed with the New Berlin PT crew. They have encouraged me, and made accommodations when necessary. There is a comfortable vibe during therapy. They seem to have made do with a room smaller than what they really need. I've seen Dr. Cummings and Dr. Amiot, and both have given me options for treatment, allowing me to make the decision. I've had good experiences with Aspen Orthopedics.”

Becky H.

“I was very skeptical about getting PT therapy for my tennis elbow, but glad I did. A special thanks to R.J. and all other therapists, they tailored my therapy as I improved with suggestions for maintenance. The atmosphere was one of caring not just from the therapists but the other patients as well, it made it very enjoyable doing a changeling items. Thanks for all you hard work and caring. Way to go guys!!!!”

joy s.

“I was very skeptical about getting PT therapy for my tennis elbow, but glad I did. A special thanks to R.J. and all other therapists, they tailored my therapy as I improved with suggestions for maintenance. The atmosphere was one of caring not just from the therapists but the other patients as well, it made it very enjoyable doing a changeling items. Thanks for all you hard work and caring. Way to go guys!!!!”

joy s.

“Yeah, I was able to walk 10,000 steps yesterday without any pain! Thanks to BJ and the PT people at the New Berlin location. They were so patient with explaining what I was supposed to do and why it was important.”

Kristine J.

“I had numerous surgeries by Dr Cummings. Two on my feet and I could still run for miles after recovery. I later had an extensive rotator cuff surgery and have full use of my arm. I highly recommend Dr. Cummings.”

Lydia C.

“I truly feel blessed to have been referred by my co-workers to Dr. Amiot. I had been struggling with foot pain for 7 years following a bunion surgery. Dr. Amiot was able to look at my foot, ran some tests and was honest with me about my options. He removed the screw in my foot and I've been amazed with the results. I am almost one year post surgery and I went for a run for the first time in 7 years with no pain. Thank you Dr. Amiot, you have changed my life!”

Amanda P.

“I want to take a moment to thank the fantastic staff for their commitment to patient care. The entire staff are positive, friendly and very dedicated to the recovery of their clients. They all seem to work together as a team and are fun to be around. Highly recommended!”

Todd G.

“I was so impressed by the professionals at Aspen, from the front desk, to the medical staff, to the physical therapy team. They made me feel like a priority from the moment I walked in, and I felt like they really cared about my healing process. The entire staff is thoughtful and caring, and they will do whatever it takes to help you get better!”

Taylor A.

“These professionals work as a team in helping you get the best results. Friendly but professional. Always checking with the patient to ensure what you're doing is working without creating any additional pain. I would highly recommend this group.”

Susan W.

“My husband Randy and I were involved in a car accident with injuries that required physical therapy. Frank Rewolinski and the staff at Aspen Orthopedics were extremely professional, courteous and knowledgeable. We had many visits at both locations; Ruby Isle and New Berlin. The care at both locations was excellent and my husband and I are feeling markedly better and back to our normal routines. We would definitely recommend Aspen Orthopedics and have to friends. Much Thanks!!!”

Sandy S.

“I have been so pleased with Dr. Kehoe. He explained everything to me and helped me to make the best choices. I have also been extremely impressed by the entire staff at the Ruby Isle PT location. They really took the time to make a connection and inspire my trust. I have been so pleased with my results. Special thanks to Scott, Frank, Travis, Cecilia, Yelana, and Trista for always listening and showing me that they care. You guys are the best!!!”

Jeanette A.

“I chose Dr. Amiot for my foot surgery. Ultimately a very good decision. Everyone that I have dealt with at Aspen Orthopedics has been terrific.”

Audrey C.

“I am a runner. Over time, I developed pain in my big toe and it got progressively worse. So, this last spring I went to Dr. Amiot, who did surgery to fuse my big toe. The surgery went well and my foot feels better than it had in years. I started running again, last week I ran 3 miles 3 days in a row and didn’t have any issues with my foot. I am very happy to say that the pain is all gone! I am very pleased with the surgery and highly recommend Dr. Amiot to anyone. Thank you Dr. Amiot!”

John P.

“The PT staff have always made each session a positive experience. I liked having different PTs working with me. The New Berlin facility is in tight quarters, but they do their best to accommodate everyone present. This will be my first choice if more PT is in my future.”

Becky H.

“If you have something wrong with your feets, drop everything and see this guy. Dr. Fischer is down to earth, extremely knowledgeable, and has the hands of an angel. Seriously, my after-surgery foot wrap/bandaging was so comfortable that I felt I could stomp nails into concrete the very next day. Of course, your mileage may vary with the extent of your surgical needs compared to mine. I have NEVER left a review for a doctor before, so this should speak volumes on how I feel about him.”

Paul S.

“Dr. Amiot was recommended to me because of how precise his work is. Years ago I had bunions corrected on both feet. The bones in the right foot had curved and wearing shoes was difficult. I was willing to drive 100 miles to have Dr. Amiot do the surgery and meet with him with follow ups. He took extra time in surgery to make sure the \"re-do\" surgery would have the best results. I followed his orders to the \"T\" and never had any pain. The foot is great and I can wear any shoe now.”

Louise D.

“I recently had 2 surgeries performed by Dr. Amiot. I cannot say enough about having such a kind, and professional Surgeon and staff! All direct answers from him- no prompts and waiting when you have a concern- Highly recommend! Surg”

Mary C.

“I won't ever be able to say it often enough. Thank you Dr. Kehoe. PT Scott and Frank and PTA Travis at the Ruby Isle site, you are great.”

Christine R.

“My experience at aspen orthopedics was very positive and pleasant. Good,friendly care was given from all the staff. I would come back if I have to, and highly recommend them. Thank you.”

Darrin T.

“In December 2016 Dr. Amiot performed a midfoot fusion AND Bunionectomy on my foot. The whole process went so amazingly well! I hardly had any pain! He made himself available day or night for any questions and/or concerns, which in itself was so wonderful! His staff has been so kind and caring! Cannot say enough and at 2 1/2 months in I'm off crutches and excited to walk normal for the fist time in years thanks to Dr. Amiot!!”

Mary C.

“Since my Triple Arthrodesis, I'm actually pain free for the first time in over 20 years! Thank you Dr. Robby Amiot”

Brenda M.

“After months of shooting foot pain, I was referred to Dr. Amiot for evaluation. He ordered x-rays and PT as a first measure. Unfortunately, PT did not help. An MRI showed a torn tendon that Dr. Amiot surgically repaired. Dr. Amiot and his staff were great to work with. Always available to answer questions quickly and thoroughly. I would highly recommend.”

Shelley N.

“Dr. Amiot repaired a tendon in my foot about 6 months ago and I would recommend him to anyone. He is very thorough and seemed to genuinely care about my recovery. I could contact him at any time with questions/concerns and he always responded quickly. I also went to physical therapy at the Brookfield location and the friendly staff made the experience enjoyable! I primarily worked with Leslie and she always made me feel like a priority. Overall, Aspen Orthopedics exceeded my expectations. Thank”

Laura T.

“Almost 2 years ago, Dr. Amiot resolved an issue with my left foot that had been very painful for over 3 years. Last week he resolved an issue with my right foot quickly and efficiently. He is very knowledgeable and resolves issues in the most practical way possible.”

Dan P.

“I met Dr. Wilson over 15years ago but wasn't ready to have bunion surgery since I was suffering from acute knee pain.After years of dealing with the pain it became clear that the bunion surgery must come before any knee surgery. The Surgery Center staff was excellent. His post-surgery care is what sets Dr.Wilson apart. He is friendly and efficient. He shared the X-Rays with me at each visit. The incision healed quickly and by week 6 you could barely see it. I am grateful. Kudos to all involved.”

Mary W.

“Please pass along to Dr. Printz that my right shoulder is really feeling great after the surgery. I had mentioned to him during my last appointment that as long as I was able to ride my Harley it would be great. Well I took a long ride with my wife on Sunday and no issues with the shoulder at all!!”

Dan S.

“Thank you Dr. Printz for your attention to my needs and the accuracy in your surgery.”

Audrey H.

“The doctors, nurses and office staff are by far the very best. Kind, caring,concerned and helpful on every occasion I have needed orthopedic care”

Dorothy M.

“I couldn't have been more impressed with the entire Physical Therapy Department at Aspen. They took time to understand my goals and my concerns and fashioned a schedule that would help me get to where I wanted to be, all the time making sure I understood why I was doing the exercises that I was doing. They encouraged me and pushed me on tough days and celebrated with me on better days. For my time with them, they became my friends and I will always be thankful for all their hard work and care.”

Kyle S.