Conformis Customized Knee Replacement

Dedicated to providing you with the best possible treatment options designed for your unique needs, board-certified, fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon Dr. Ryan Kehoe offers custom Conformis knee replacement. Conformis knee replacement procedures use an innovative technology to create custom knee implants based on your personal knee anatomy for a better fit and a new knee that is truly your own.

Traditional knee replacement uses a range of standard-sized implants, each chosen for the closest fit to replace a patient’s knee. Surgeons then must make adjustments during surgery based on the size of the implant and the anatomy of the patient. This can mean that the implant is slightly too large or too big or may not be aligned completely. Additionally, clinical studies show that a compromised fit can sometimes be a source of extended postoperative pain.

With Conformis, partial and total knee implants are designed to fit each patient, instead of relying on additional surgical measures to make the patient fit the implant. Traditional knee replacement techniques are combined with Conformis technology to create knee implants and surgical instruments that are developed from start to finish based on your unique knee anatomy. This leads to benefits such as:

  • Better stability
  • More natural movement
  • More healthy joint preservation for less pain 

How Conformis Works

With Conformis technology, the process begins with a CT scan of your knee. Using that scan, the implant, surgical instruments, and surgical plan used in your procedure will be designed specifically for you and your anatomy. After you complete your CT scan, 

  • The CT scan will be sent to technicians at Conformis who will use the scan to create a 3-D model to develop your knee implant.
  • Both the implant and the surgical implements used in your procedure will be completely customized to your specifications.
  • Your designated hospital or surgery center will receive the items for your Conformis procedure, and your surgeon will replace your specified knee using a custom surgical plan for precision and optimal outcomes.
  • Your surgeon will use the instruments, implant, surgical plan, and years of expertise to complete your procedure so you can recover and get back to doing the things you love.

To see if you’re a candidate for Conformis customized knee replacement, schedule an appointment today by calling (262) 395-4141 or request an appointment online.