Online Guide to Back, Neck & Spine Care

spine & neck x-rays

Taking care of your spine is an investment in your overall well-being. As a leading force in bone, joint, and muscle care and guidance since 1973, our doctors at Aspen Orthopedic Specialists understand the importance of knowledge when it comes to spinal health.

Our Online Guide to Back, Neck & Spine Care empowers you to take charge of your spinal health. It offers insightful information on common conditions, treatment options, and preventative measures. Led by fellowship-trained, board-certified doctors Dr. Lawrence Maciolek and Dr. Brian Curtin, our team prioritizes finding the right treatment path for you. We offer a comprehensive range of solutions, from nonsurgical therapies to advanced procedures.

Our specialists, with their in-depth knowledge of the latest, evidence-based treatments, are dedicated to creating a customized plan that gets you back on track to feeling your best. We take a collaborative approach, working closely with you to identify the source of your pain and develop an effective treatment strategy.

For you and your loved ones, our online guide serves as a valuable resource. Explore the guide to learn about spine care management, treatment options, and injury prevention and get answers to frequently asked questions.


Get relief and rediscover your strength by contacting our fellowship-trained, board-certified doctors at Aspen Orthopedic Specialists. Our dedicated team of back, neck, and spine experts will work with you to develop a treatment plan and provide the specialized care you deserve.

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