At Aspen Orthopedic Specialists, we offer several conservative treatment options such as injections to alleviate your pain.

Cortisone Injections

Cortisone is a type of steroid. It generally reduces inflammation (swelling, irritation, and redness). It’s a synthetic steroid that’s injected into an inflamed or irritated region. The injection gets cortisone directly into the inflamed region quickly. We may suggest an injection if resting, wearing splints, or taking oral medications does not relieve your pain. Injecting cortisone is less complex than having surgery, and it often provides lasting pain relief that can help you get out and enjoy an active life again. It can relieve pain for anything from a sports injury to arthritis. You may have an injection for treating inflammation, a sprain, or other problems.

Spinal Injections

Spinal injections are used in two ways. First, they can be performed to diagnose the source of back, leg, neck, or arm pain. Second, spinal injections are used as a treatment to relieve pain. Most spinal injections are performed as one part of a more comprehensive treatment program. Simultaneous treatment nearly always includes an exercise program to improve or maintain spinal mobility (stretching exercises) and stability (strengthening exercises).

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