Customized BLUEPRINT™ Shoulder Replacement

Shoulder replacement can significantly change the lives of patients who experience chronic, severe shoulder pain. Today, shoulder replacement surgeons use the newest technologies, techniques, and implants to help ensure even better, safer, and more optimal outcomes for their patients.

At Aspen Orthopedic Specialists, board-certified orthopedic surgeon Dr. Jonathon Printz and fellowship-trained sports medicine surgeon Dr. Justin Peterson offer customized shoulder replacements using 3D planning software and instrumentation called BLUEPRINT™. 

BLUEPRINT 3D Planning & Patient-Specific Instrumentation

BLUEPRINT is an advanced surgical system with software that allows your surgeon to develop a specially crafted shoulder replacement surgical plan in 3D. This provides more detail of individual shoulder anatomy and helps increase precision for implant placement with 3D printed, patient-specific instrumentation.

Benefits of BLUEPRINT customized shoulder replacement surgery include:

  • 3D evaluation of a 3D problem
  • Virtual implantation for preplanning surgery as precisely as possible
  • Surgeon-controlled
  • Patient-specific guided accuracy in surgery
  • Visualized bone preservation

BLUEPRINT Technology Image

Source: Wright Blueprint 3D Planning PSI System

How BLUEPRINT Technology-Guided Shoulder Replacement Works

Prior to your surgery, your surgeon will order a CT (computer tomography) scan of your shoulder for cross-sectional imaging of your shoulder. The BLUEPRINT system then uses your CT scan to create an anatomically accurate 3D model of your shoulder for a better view of your unique shoulder anatomy, better visualization of the wear-and-tear patterns, and more precise measurements. Your surgeon will then virtually plan your surgery and create a specific, completely customized and precision-guided surgical plan.

Once the optimal plan for your surgery has been developed, your surgeon may choose to order a 3D printed guide that can help your surgeon accurately translate the 3D plan to your shoulder in the operating room.

To learn more or find out if you’re a candidate for BLUEPRINT customized shoulder replacement, schedule an appointment with Dr. Printz or Dr. Peterson by calling (262) 395-4141 or by requesting an appointment online.