Patient Reviews: Ryan J. Kehoe, M.D.

The following are reviews from patients of Dr. Kehoe.
  • “The people in therapy were excellent in all aspects of rehab for me. They were professional and knowledgeble and lovingly kind. A special thanks to R.J.,Milan, Danra, two therapists, and Dr. Kehoe.It was like being treated from family with extra tenderness. These employees are a tribute to the medical field.”
    – Don W.
  • “I have been so pleased with Dr. Kehoe. He explained everything to me and helped me to make the best choices. I have also been extremely impressed by the entire staff at the Ruby Isle PT location. They really took the time to make a connection and inspire my trust. I have been so pleased with my results. Special thanks to Scott, Frank, Travis, Cecilia, Yelana, and Trista for always listening and showing me that they care. You guys are the best!!!”
    – Jeanette A.
  • “I won't ever be able to say it often enough. Thank you Dr. Kehoe. PT Scott and Frank and PTA Travis at the Ruby Isle site, you are great.”
    – Christine R.