Patient Reviews

At Aspen Orthopedic Specialists, we understand the importance of patient reviews and testimonials, so we share the following with you from our previous patients. As we continue to strive for orthopedic excellence, we measure our success and ask our current patients to share their experiences with you as well. 

  • “I've been impressed with ALL Aspects of Aspen Orthopedics regarding physicians, admin. staff and therapy.Dr. Wilson has encouraged a road to healthy non surgical modes. I've lost 50#'s so far and this HAS BEEN INSTRUMENTAL on feet and joints. I've also had a knee replacement out of state, therefore chose Aspen as my "go to" facility after we moved to the area!!”
    – Lynn S.
  • “Dr Wilson & his staff were absolutely fantastic throughout my treatment (midfoot fusion) Every ? and concern was answered. We never felt rushed while in the office for treatment or exams. We made the right choice in coming to ASPEN from Dr Wilson, nurses, therapy techs, X-ray tech, and office personnel ...All were great. A big thank you to all for the wonderful and caring treatment we received through out the one year of treatments and surgery. From the bottom of our hearts...Thank you all.”
    – Beth & Sam M.
  • “My primary care doctor referred me to Dr Amiot for my left foot problem.. Super great Doc and very thoughtful. Glad Dr. Amiot is my 'Go To Doctor'.. very thorough and caring professional. I had my MRI at the National Ave office today.. EXCELLENT EXPERIENCE.. very professional staff, treated me like a person, not a warm body..kept me informed throughout the whole procedure and played great tones to keep you relaxed.. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK THANKS FOLKS.”
    – Tom B.
  • “Dr. Wilson is top notch. I respect his expertise and his professionalism. Just love that he puts his heart and soul into his practice. I am also extremely happy with both foot surgeries. I have found a qualified podiatrist!”
    – Lorna P.
  • “Dr. Amiot fixed my heel fracture, and his combination of nerve block and post-op cocktail meant ZERO PAIN in the week after the procedure! Amazing work! I highly recommend Dr. Amiot. If you're on the fence about having a procedure done, pay him a visit. Top notch care!”
    – Kevin H.
  • “I had been dealing with an ulcer on the sole of my foot for over a year. It would start to heal but not fully close up. Dr.Wilson was able to clear up the infection and solve the problem quickly with medication and a small surgical procedure. i couldn’t be more pleased with the care I have received.”
    – Debbie M.
  • “I was referred to Dr. Wilson for Achilles tendon repair. His positive attitude was inspiring and reassuring. I was impressed with his expert knowledge and expert surgical skills. Also, the Physical Therapy staff was amazing. They were friendly and helpful in improving the recovery process. Thank you to Dr, Wilson and the Physical Therapy Department. I am extremely pleased with the entire process and outcome.”
    – John P.
  • “I have seeing Dr. Wison for years for various foot issues and he has always given me the best care, very personable and kind. I have also used the PT dept many times and each and every person there is fantastic. Great care, consistent care I highly recommend all of Aspen for your ortho needs.”
    – Carlye A.
  • “My wife came to Aspen for an MRI. She is severely claustrophobic, and was unable to even get in the tube, on her first attempt. We made another appointment, for two days later, and we were met by Denise and advised her of my wife’s fear. It was truly amazing the compassion and patience Denise gave to my wife, without her expertise, we would never have been able to get through this procedure. What a great person, using her knowledge, to get my wife through the test. Thank you Denise so much!”
    – Gary C.
  • “Words cannot express my gratitude to Denise P for her kindness and patience while I underwent an MRI. I have severe claustrophobia, and after sharing this with Denise, she explained the steps involved and what she would do to make me more comfortable. She is excellent! She guided me through the procedure, reassured me during each step, and I was able to complete the test with her help. I couldn't have done it without her. Denise is awesome!! She is caring, compassionate, gentle and concerned.”
    – Cheryl G.
  • “Dr. Sean Wilson is very personable. He clearly explains what is wrong (by pointing out issues on x-ray). He also consistently monitors improvement and describes how best to continue healing without set-backs, etc. His team was very helpful and respectful, too. I would highly recommend him!”
    – Laura D.
  • “A friend of mine and former patient at Aspen orthopedics gave me Dr. Larson's name. I had knee pain for 1 1/2 years and needed help. I met with Dr. Larson and knew that he could help me. I had a total knee replacement 3 months ago and am thrilled to say that there is no more pain - he gave me my life back. I am looking forward to doing all the things I couldn't do for so long. Dr. Larson is an outstanding surgeon!! He is kind and caring. I will always be grateful for his help.”
    – Lydia T.
  • “I would like to thank everyone at the Ruby Aisle physical therapy location. They are an incredibly caring group of people who helped me after my knee replacement surgery. Their knowledge and commitment helped me gain strength and mobility. They are great motivators and cheerleaders. I continue to do the exercises they taught me to increase my strength and flexibility. I will miss my weekly PT sessions and everyone there.”
    – Lydia T.
  • “Dr. Printz, Thank you so very much for giving me my hand-wrist back! You are the best doctor. You are so caring, and so knowledgeable. You make it easy to trust you and feel comfortable around you. No wonder you are so popular! Thanks so very much!!”
    – Jen J.
  • “I came to see Dr. Sean Wilson for Achilles tendon surgery in march of 2017. I had the surgery in June of 2017 and i am pleased with the outcome. Dr. Wilson is very personable and takes the time to answer all questions. I had no issues during recovery and now 8 months later i am finally able to walk without a limp and no pain. I would recommend Dr. Wilson to anyone i know for treatment.”
    – Sherry R.
  • “Thank you Dr. Printz. I'm doing great - arms working fine - went driving my car today - no problem.”
    – Joan R.
  • “I really wanted to thank Denise P. for helping me through my MRI. She is very compassionate and listened to what I was telling her. She talked me through what to expect next and let me know what was going on. When I told her I don't normally lay on my back, she took the time to make me feel comfortable and relaxed. Thank you for getting me through this.”
    – Mary H.
  • “Frank, Cecelia, Donna, RJ & Company, Thank you for helping me after my ankle surgery. Your encouragement & support meant a lot. You're the best!”
    – Maggie
  • “Thanks to all of you at New Berlin for helping me to get the strenght back in my legs and to ease the pain in my knees. It was hard work but I had so much fun working with you all. I actually looked forward to going to theraphy!”
    – Cathy S.
  • “I am so thankful that I decided to go to Aspen for a second opinion when I tore my achilles tendon last December. Dr. Amiot immediately knew that my tear was more serious than originally diagnosed and performed a successful surgery following my MRI. He was very knowledgeable and super helpful with my recovery and I was able to get back to normal much quicker than anticipated. I would highly recommend Dr. Amiot and the rest of Aspen to anyone suffering from a sports injury. Get the 2nd opinion!”
    – Anthony B.
  • “My Internal Medicine doctor sent me to Dr. Amiot after having trouble with my right foot. After x rays it was decided to have surgery to correct it. I was told 12 weeks of recovery and then some therapy. The hospital and staff were amazing as are the staff at the Brookfield office. I can't thank Dr. Amiot , his staff and Scott and the therapy crew for all of their help to get me back into my every day life.”
    – Sandie L.