Should I Get a Second Opinion?

Your Care, Your Choice

You take your care seriously, and so should the provider you choose. When you’re living with pain and limitation from a bone, joint, or muscle problem, you deserve to have all the answers you need and all your options available to you. Care decisions for you and your loved ones can be difficult and stressful, but you can always seek a second opinion with another provider to make your decision easier so your next steps are more clear.

At Aspen Orthopedic Specialists, we are committed to offering the compassionate, experienced care you deserve, every step of the way. We know that your care is your choice, and we are here to offer you and your loved ones the experience, expertise, and peace of mind you need to make the choice that is right for you and your goals so you can get back to being there for the moments that matter most.  

Reasons to Seek a Second Opinion

Every patient is unique and deserves to know what options are available to them as well as an expert they can trust to develop a plan for their specific needs and goals. Many patients seek a second opinion to find a doctor that earns their trust and confidence. If a second opinion involves the same diagnosis and a similar treatment plan, patients can be more certain of their next steps. 

Additionally, recommended treatment plans may differ between providers, and many bone, joint, and muscle problems can involve complex injuries or rare conditions that may be misdiagnosed. Some providers are more experienced in treating certain injuries and conditions and can provide a higher level of expertise. A second opinion from a specialist can offer more clarity, more education on your specific injury or condition, and answers for any unaddressed questions you may have.

Finally, a second opinion will help you feel more comfortable with your healthcare choices overall. You can have a better informed decision for your next steps and move forward with better trust in the provider you choose, knowing they will have the best ability to walk you through your entire treatment and recovery process.

Why Choose Aspen Orthopedic Specialists?

Since 1973, our doctors and staff have remained dedicated experts in providing you with exceptional care for bone, joint, and muscle injuries and conditions. Selected as Milwaukee Top Doctors, our specialists are dedicated to helping you live without limits. We have earned the reputation of being among some of the best providers in the area, and we are proud to offer you the best care options in 20 specialties at 5 locations throughout the region.

All our doctors at Aspen Orthopedic Specialists are specialty-trained medical experts who understand your concerns, can answer your questions, and know how to apply their specialized knowledge and skills to help you. With years of training and experience in bone, joint, and muscle care, our doctors have the expertise to help you choose the best course of care and return to living the life you love.

Whether you have been seen at a hospital, an urgent care, or private practice, you can receive a second opinion or learn about follow-up care solutions from one of our specialty-trained doctors so you can make the right healthcare choices for you and your loved ones.

Our specialists are available throughout the region, including in Brookfield at our clinic in Elmbrook Memorial Hospital or the Medical Arts Center or at our New Berlin or Oak Creek locations. To schedule an appointment for a second opinion, call (262) 395-4141 or click the button below.

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