Golf Injury Prevention Tips

  • Always warm up before a round of golf. Do some simple stretching exercises focusing on your shoulders, back and legs. This is especially important if you have arthritis that’s aggravated by playing golf.
  • Protect your skin by using sunscreen. Wear sunglasses to filter out UVA and UVB rays, and wear a hat with a visor to shade your eyes and face.
  • Stay well hydrated before, during and after your game. Replace your fluids whether you feel thirsty or not.
  • When riding in a golf cart, keep your feet inside the cart. Players have broken ankles when their feet have gotten caught under a moving golf cart.
  • Always be aware of your environment and other players on the course. It’s possible to sustain a soft-tissue injury by being hit by a golf ball.
Cartoon man getting hit with golf ball