Top 6 Ways to Exercise With Arthritis

Maintaining a healthy weight and activity level keeps your muscles strong and can delay joint replacement. But how do you help your arthritis when it hurts to work out?

Our experts say that focusing on low-impact exercise options can help keep the wear and tear on your joints to a minimum. Below are some ideas to keep you active and healthy. 

  1. Water Aerobics – Water workouts are a great way to perform normal activities without the impact of doing them on hard surfaces. You can walk, jog, or even play sports like water polo and basketball while preventing joint pain.
  2. Swimming – Swimming eases arthritis pain and discomfort because your joints are supported and cushioned by the water.
  3. Pilates – Workouts that incorporate Pilates can strengthen your core muscles in a safe and low-impact manner. Pilates has become increasingly popular because it is safe for your joints and can help improve body mechanics. 
  4. Weight Training – With proper instruction and a few dumbbells, you can get an excellent workout when training with weights. Exercising in this way can help stimulate bone health and strengthen muscles. Make sure to use proper form when lifting so that you do not worsen your condition or pull a muscle.
  5. Cycling – Cycling can be stimulating for the cartilage within a joint. This low-impact form of exercise gives you a great cardiovascular and muscular workout and can help loosen up your stiff joints.
  6. Walking – This is a favorite workout for many people suffering from arthritis. If you want to get the most out of walking, try interval walks (alternate slow and fast walking) and incorporate your arms. 

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