Stryker InSpace Implant Procedure Available at Aspen Orthopedic Specialists

Justin W. Peterson, D.O., of Aspen Orthopedic Specialists offers the innovative Stryker InSpace implant for massive, irreparable rotator cuff tears. He is the first doctor in the Milwaukee region to offer this advanced procedure for select candidates. Patients seeking a consultation with Dr. Peterson are encouraged to call (262) 395-4141.

As a fellowship-trained orthopedic sports medicine surgeon, Dr. Peterson says that patients who experience severe rotator cuff tears from trauma or degeneration are candidates for this arthroscopic, state-of-the-art procedure. Unlike other rotator cuff repairs, the InSpace implant:

  • Promotes bone and tissue preservation.
  • Provides improved function and post-operation symptoms.
  • Lessens procedural time.
  • Allows for less invasive procedure.

"I am proud to offer this new surgical treatment for my patients," says Dr. Peterson. “I believe it is important to introduce innovative techniques that help my patients effectively get the treatment they need and deserve.”

Dr. Peterson’s expertise includes an array of the latest nonsurgical and surgical techniques and procedures to effectively treat acute and chronic injuries and conditions of the hip, knee and shoulder. He is dedicated to treating his patients with compassion and honesty and to providing comprehensive care.

To learn more about the Stryker InSpace implant procedure offered at Aspen Orthopedic Specialists or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Peterson, please call (262) 395-4141.