Tips to protect your Joints while cleaning the house

When cleaning, make sure to use your large muscle groups, use products that are lightweight and avoid unnecessary bending and twisting in order to avoid injuring your joints. Choose products that are lightweight such as cordless vacuums or carpet sweepers. And when using mops and sponges, use disposable products so you don’t have to vigorously rinse them out.

If a task is too painful or difficult, modify the tools you’re using or modify the cleaning activity. If reaching is too difficult, try using a long handled duster. If gripping is painful, use a tool with a large handle or wrap the handle with a padded cloth. In addition, think about products you already have that would make your tasks easier such as wearing an old sock on your hand for dusting.

If you’re having persistent joint pain, click here to request an appointment with one of our Orthopedic Specialists.

Cleaning Lady